Petition to the German Bundestag, the National Parliament

Lars Fischer has created a petition to the Deutscher Bundestag to support Open Access as an amendment to the pending legislation. Signatures are now invited.


The German National Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) should decree that scientific publications that result from public funding, should be openly accessible. Those institutions that are autonomous should be called upon by the Bundestag to set up and enforce suitable regulations and to install suitable technical preconditions to ensure that this is the case.


The Government supports research and development -- according to the German Ministery for Education and Research in the amount of about 12 Billion Euro annually. The results of this research are published, but mostly in toll-access journals. It is not acceptable that the taxpayer should have to pay for research results for whose creation he has already paid.

Because of the large costs and the multitude of scientific journals, research results are accessible only in a few libraries. Most citizens are thus de facto excluded from access to scientific results for which they have paid.

To exclude citizens from science is not only harmful, but unnecessary. Other countries have already implemented what is being proposed here. The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is requiring that all publications that it has funded should be openly accessible within 12 months at a central server. The general structure of the scientific publication system is not affected by this petition.

This is an authorized translation of the originally German language text: Petition: Wissenschaft und Forschung - Kostenloser Erwerb wissenschaftlicher Publikationen vom 20.10.2009

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